ZL series vertical bag forming filling packing machine match with auger measuring machine ----For various powder

Automatic ZL900 cement bag forming filling sealing packaging machine
Introduction :This machine unit is including one set ZL900 vertical bag forming filling sealing machine and one set ZL5000 auger measuring machine .The whole machine unit can reach automatic bag making ,Product weighing ,product filling sealing and date coding .Widely use for packing wheat flour ,Milk Powder Seasoning Powder and other powder
product .

Auger measuring machine


ZL2000/ZL5000 auger filler can be used semi-automatic for filling powder in bags, bottles, jars and boxes. Also it can be work with the VFFS series vertical packaging machine to realize automatic powder material weighing ,filling and packaging


·Servo motor control auger filling
·With full colour Touch Screen for better operating of the machine
·Can be detached for easy clean
·Simple and compact in design
·All stainless steel product contact parts. Non-contact parts are stainless steel and aluminum.

Technical parameter

Weight range:ZL5000 for 1kg-10kg

Speed:3-10bag/min (Base on different powder )
Accuracy :±0.5-1%

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