Avoid the direct touching of man hands and materials, improve the working efficiency. The inner bag made by filtrate cotton papers, while the outer bag is composed of compounded papers. This packing machine can automatically with strings and tags. The most significant merit of this machine is label and outer bag can be positioned by photo electricity device. The volume of the bags, labels and the size of the bags all can regulate freely according to users different demands.

త్వరిత వివరాలు

రకం: మల్టీ ఫంక్షన్ ప్యాకేజింగ్ మెషిన్
పరిస్థితి: న్యూ
Function: Filling, Sealing, bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, coding
Application: Beverage, Chemical, Food, Medical, fragmental tea, medicinal tea, herb tea, coffee
Packaging Type: Bags, Inner Bag; String and Tag
Packaging Material: Paper, Filter Paper
ఆటోమేటిక్ గ్రేడ్: ఆటోమేటిక్
రూపు పద్ధతి: మెకానికల్
వోల్టేజ్: 220V / 380V / 110V; 50Hz / 60Hz
Power: 1.6 Kw
పరిమాణం (L * W * H): 1800 * 950 * 780mm
ధృవీకరణ: CE, SGS, SASO, FORM E, C / O
Product name: Small green broken tea bag packing machine
ప్యాకింగ్ వేగం: 3600 బ్యాగ్ / గంట
All bag type: Inner Bag; String and Tag
మెషిన్ మెటీరియల్: స్టెయిన్లెస్ స్టీల్ 304
Main Function: Packing machine
విక్రయాల తరువాత అందించబడిన సర్వీస్: ఇంజనీర్లు విదేశాలకు సేవ యంత్రాలకు అందుబాటులో ఉన్నాయి

This machine is suitable for packing small grain-like materials, such as tea leafs, medicinal tea and healthy teas. It is to pack inner bag with string, tag. This machine is widely used in herb and tea packing industry, including: black tea, green tea, herbal tea, coffee, medicine powder, beverage substance and etc.

Tea bag packing machine price

The machine adapts to disposable packing of inner packages of small-particle materials such as tea leaf, medicine tea and health tea etc.

Advantage( Tea bag packing machine)

The machine is a new kind of heat seal product, which is an automatic multi-functional packing device for teabag drinks. Main feature of the machine is able to implement one-time forming both inside and outside, avoiding direct contact with hands and materials, so as to improve efficiency. Inner bag is made of filtering cotton paper while the outer bag is made of composite paper.

Principal Features:

Stainless Steel Construction
Digital Control Panel Optional
Heavy Duty Transparent Molded Acrylic Lid
Removable Sealing Bar
Two Sides Sealing Bars Applied
A cycle with vacuum, seal and code-print (pressed in seal part of bag) and also gas flushing option
With switch on/off for second sealing bar saving power
Lock down wheel installed, easy to moving and working
Strong Plexiglas anti high press in working
High capacity vacuum pump / Automatic control /Stainless steel chamber / Safety control

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