ZL100V2 Automatic double vacuum chamber packaging machine for dry yeast

This machine including one set ZK2000 vacuum elevator , one set ZL520 vertical bag making packing and sealing machine .one set ZLX2000 four buckets weighing machine ,One set ZL-100V2 Double vacuum chamber packing machine.

The whole machine are widely using for packing food pharmacy chemical and other product in powder or small granule. Like coffee powder ,yeast powder wheat flour and so on .

The whole machine adopting inside pumping to vacuum product .The vacuum degree is very high and packing speed is very high can be reach 20-35bag/min depending on different bag dimension .The finished product is very nice and have a long shelf life.

Technical parameters :

వేగం ప్యాకింగ్25-30bags/min
Bag dimensionBag front width 60-120mm
Bag side width 40-75mm
Bag height Max100-150mm
Machine dimension1240*890*1700MM

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Our main product as follow :
Vertical Bag Forming Filling Sealing Packing Machine
Premade Pouch Filling Packing Machine
Yeast And Coffee Powder Vacuum Packing Machine
Big Bag Bagging Machine
Automatic Bailing Machine 
Secondary Packing Machine
Palletizing Production Line
Non-standard Custom-made Packing Machine

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1,Why the vacuum bag package became popular -----
Because vacuum packaging can improve the shelf life of the product and facilitate storage.
The finished bag has a beautiful appearance and is easy to prevent on the shelf

2,Which products are vacuum packaging machines mainly used for?------
Mainly used for vacuum packaging small doses such as 100-2000 grams of coffee powder, yeast powder, biological enzyme preparations, flour, tea and other materials

3.Installation/ Training:  The installation can be provided by the IAPACK company. It must be after shipment has arrived and factory must ready equipped with all necessary requirement before booking installation with IAPACK company . Our engineers will come to the site for the complete and final installation. During the installation session, a one day training  course will be provided to the customer to the customer for operation and maintenance procedure. The purchase of all local transportation, air tickets(round trip), and minimum  of 3 star hotel room & board is provided. Day charges include travel days. During  situation ,we supply support online for free.

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