This machine unit including one set double buckets weighing machine for measuring 10-50kg .One set 2.7meter output conveyor ,one set pp bag stitching machine .The whole machine can automatic finish product weighing ,product filling ,automatic bag stitching .Just need manual feeding the bag.


Machine feature:

1, Convenient to be operate.easy to be installed

2, Adopt independent two-group measurement control system, fast packaging speed;

3, The metering control system adopts high-precision pressure sensors, a high conversion rate display controller and a specially designed three-stage feeding mechanism, combined with scientific control algorithms, with high metering accuracy and good stability;

4, The operation is simple, the operator only needs to feeding the bag and touch the bag clamping switch, and the actions such as feeding, filling and unloading are all automatically completed by the quantitative scale;

5, Equipped with a manual control switch, which can manually control the feeding and discharging mechanism, which is convenient for cleaning agglomerated and blocked materials

6, Adapted software automatic error correction ,out of tolerance alarm and fault self-diagnosis function

7, Automatic counting the number and quantity of package .

8, Widely range of fix weight and high precision and can matching with conveyor sewing machine

Technical parameter

Target weight10-50KG
Min showing value10
Packing speed bag/hour300bag
పవర్AC2200V 150W
Air supplier0.4-0.8Mpa 1m³/h

Configuration list

Instrument: Touch screen weighing module controller

Weighing Sensor:KELI CHINA

Solenoid valve: AIR TAC Taiwan

Cylinder: Air Tac Taiwan

Travel switch: Japan Omron

Power supply: Japan Omron

Stitching head : GK35 Youtian


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