Machine details information

పరిచయం :This machine unit are design for packing two type different material mix into one bag .Whole machine unit including one set ZL520 vertical bag forming filling and sealing machine ,two sets ZL10-2.5L multi-heads weighing machine ,two sets incline conveyor ,This machine are widely use for packing small parts like hard ware,mix nuts or so on

Layout of whole machine unit  :

1,ZL10-2.5L Multi-heads weighing machine


All kinds of grains and solids, like candy, nuts, raisins, peanuts, melon seeds, nuts, potato chips, chocolate, biscuits and so on.

ప్రధాన లక్షణాలు:

* Amplitude can be adjusted freely and individually in running status, more friendly HMI.

* Multi-language operating interface.

* Mouse, USB and SD card compatible with touch screen.

* Instant display of the weigh hopper

Special Features:

* Modular electronic system makes maintenance easier and at lowest cost

* AD card are inter-changeable ,easy to be replaced ;

* Different authority managements, more user- friendly

* HMI can be upgraded by U disk

* Innovative Siemens PLC control system applied in the weigher and it makes machine more stable and low fault rate. Program update is much easier.

* Application software can be upgraded by memory card.

* Ethernet is available


Max. Cap.(g)10-500g
Weighing Accuracy0.1-1.5g
Weighing speed30-80WPM
Hopper Capacity2500ml
నియంత్రణ వ్యవస్థMCU
Operation Panel7 inch touch screen
విద్యుత్ పంపిణిAC220V ±10%, 50Hz(60Hz)

ZL520 Model vertical bag forming filling sealing machine

పరిచయం :

The unit of machine is especially developed for snack food packaging ,This machine can independently complete the weighting  bag making, filling (air filling or exhausting), sealing, hole punching , code printing, and bag counting etc. It including cup filling system, packaging machine and elevator .

Technical parameter:

Weighing Range: 100-1000g

Packaging Speed: 30-40 bags/min

Bag size: (100-340)*(80-260)mm(L*W)

కంప్రెస్డ్ ఎయిర్ అవసరం: 0.6Mpa 0.65m³/min

Reel outer diameter: 400mm

కోర్ లోపలి వ్యాసం: 75 మిమీ

Machine weight: 800kg

Power source: 5.5kW 380V±10% 50Hz

Work Flow Chart:

Auto Weighing → Film Pulling → Date Printing → Filling → Bag Forming → Bag Sealing → Finished Product output

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